The world of online shopping is a market driven by massive competition and constant changes. Despite this, Amazon is still the preferred one-stop-shop destination for millions of loyal customers worldwide.

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But how did they do it? We all know Amazon. We have all been there, right? The simple truth is that we continuously return to the alluring world of Amazon because they make it easy for us. Remembering your past purchases better than you do. Recommending products you might need. Storing your card details and information for an effortless checkout.

All of their online decisions reveal a streamlined buying process where they give their clients exactly what they want - in the easiest way imaginable. Nonetheless, most people are not fully aware of just how massive Amazon actually is.

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Few other online retailers can compete with that. Success is no accident, as the great footballer Pele once declared, and this is is especially true for Amazon. Founded by Jeff Bezos inthe original vision was to build a virtual shopping place for book lovers. Wise investments and a fool-proof business plan helped navigate the young company safely through the dot-com crash, and Amazon is now the largest internet retailer in the world as measured by revenue and market capitalization.

And a lot of this success can be attributed to their dynamic CRM system. But what exactly is a CRM system? Short for Customer Relationship Managementa CRM software is the key to managing and synchronising your business communication and information. While CRM has been around since the s, it has gone through a massive development over the recent years. More recently, CRM developers have added enhanced features like analytics and management modules, resulting in the systems that we have today: a database of prospects and leads which you can access from a range of devices.

Used wisely, it can open up communication between you and a potential customer, and it can build lasting relationships between companies, teams and individuals. Most importantly, different teams need different views. You need to be able to fine tune your CRM system to the needs of your business. User friendly. Great selection. If you ever find yourself thinking of Amazon, chances are that these words immediately spring to mind. As you might have guessed from the headline, one of the secrets behind this is a good CRM system.

Financially, Amazon is operating with nearly unlimited resources.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Reid Berryman.

Amazon CRM case study

Berryman reid. In this paper, I look at the business strategy of Amazon. Special attention is given to five parts, including a historical overview, organizational structure, business operations, financial performance, and the future outlook of Amazon.

The historical overview chronologically describes landmark events of Amazons beginnings to their current position today. The companies departmental structure is categorized and briefly commented on in section two. An analysis is provided for Amazons operations with a breakdown of major products and services offered. A comprehensive financial analysis of Amazon follows section four with matching insight that links performance to events and business strategies. The future outlook of Amazon is discussed last, offering a topical overview of where Amazons business interest is shifting.

For new businesses, effective innovation offered great potential through the World Wide Web. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. InBezos left his vice-president position at D.

amazon crm case study pdf

Shaw, a Wall Street firm, to move forward with his business idea that would soon become Amazon. Bezos planned his supply chain strategically from day one, placing the company headquarters in Seattle near a large book distributor in Oregon.

Figure 1. Two popular web portals Yahoo! With this logistical design, Bezos was able to ship to over 50 states and 45 countries in July of He sought balance between capability, performance and low operations cost in the selling and delivery of books.

This is supplemented by their customer-oriented culture; not just a necessary task but also a value they believe makes Amazon profitable. Specifically, this was performed by inline linking to Amazon titles and was one of their first vertically integrated moves. The success of this program took hold inwhen large companies at the time such as Yahoo! This requires sustained investment in systems and infrastructure to support outstanding customer convenience, selection, and service while we grow.

They conducted business with over one and half million customers, reaching both the United States and countries. IMDB aligned with his vision of distributing media and entertainment products, made evident when he promoted movie sales through it shortly after the acquisition.

This decision was Amazons first transnational horizontal growth, adapting their business model to cultures that valued different books than their domestic consumers. Amazon Marketplace allowed customers to compete with prices Amazon offered, which developed a win-win solution.

Bezos rationalized the short-term stock sink between these years and reassured shareholders it was a result of temporary causes. Bezos stated with confident and now proven accuracy: So, if the company is better positioned today than it was a year ago, why is the stock price so much lower than it was a year ago? On August 25thAmazon publically announced their entry into the computational services industry. They were the first to offer cloud computing power in an easy to purchase, incremental model, dynamically scaling to client needs.

This declared Amazons successful entry as a technology services provider, still showing growth in Incontinued success of their e-book selection, the Kindle, and growing exchange efficiencies led to the announcement they had sold more digital books than printed ones.

This was not by chance and instead an example of highly successful long term strategic planning with rational reactions as unpredictable events emerged. Beyond the corporate offices, their fulfillment, customer service, data, and software development centers are located in many countries.

An aggregate table from varying sources with a detailed breakdown by individual services and products can be seen in Appendix 1. Table 1. Their mission statement loosely defines the products and services Amazon sells, instead discussing customer service as being critical to their success.Amazon provides all kinds of products customer needs in one place and the purchase process on website is made easy by the company through features like one-click purchase and card storing for future purchases.

Other benefits that add to the user experience on Amazon website include product recommendations based on buying patterns, giveaways, kindle services like Prime and library and so on. Such innovative features and ideas that are capable of capturing the audience attention and increase their retention on the website actually result from analysis of the CRM data. In the background, Amazon uses a very high end advanced CRM system that captures customer data including their personal details and previous purchases so that their experience can be tailored to their preferences to engage them on website.

This paper explores how Amazon makes use of the CRM system to formulate marketing strategies and how the customers are affected by these.

amazon crm case study pdf

Based on the study certain general recommendations can be made for any organization for the successful usage of CRM for increasing user engagement and retention in a business. Amazon CRM system takes care of some key functions in an organization including customer support, marketing, executive information, ERP integration, data synchronization, sales management and time management. Incident management; problem management, order management; contract management, dispatching; real time information transfer.

Contact management; account management; order management; forecasting; sales cycle analysis; territory alignment; reporting. Jeff Bezos found Amazon. Initially, Amazon sold books directly and byit became a platform for reseller of different products. Now Amazon. Amazon uses an interactive technology on its website such that whenever a user comes online, a direct marketing principle is used for recognition of the customer through the information saved in cookies of the user machine.

Based on this data, Amazon customizes recommendations for users using calculations done on sophisticated statistical software running in the background. Every product listed on the website carries information about the category they belong to and when this information is matched with data found in cookies, automatic recommendations can be made by the software tool such that customers are provided recommendations based on his or her interests.

Besides this, customers also receive communication from Amazon through emails including purchase recommendations tailored to their personal characteristics or information.

Amazon also allows customers purchasing from their website to put reviews on products which allow users to interact with each other. Amazon also gives special rewards to customers who provide valuable reviews.

Amazon CRM Systems Case Study

Amazon was one of the first retailers to adopt data efficiency and highest level of customer services through optimization of product information on the portal pages. This information included product details, inventory status, price comparisons, delivery and payment options, promotional offers, fulfilment options, user reviews, cross-selling products, and more.

All this information was provided through a single user interface that helped buyers take informed decisions. Amazon systems analyze the transaction details of customers and their product search histories to come up with personalized and optimized sales pages. Amazon had its own cloud solution called Amazon Web Service AWS which it used for managing information about its customers and products. It also builds a SAS Smart Analysis Search for tracking the frauds in the ecommerce space which works through analysis of the patterns of the user behaviour they display.

This makes it possible for the organization to measure customer usage patterns and personalize their experience for providing better services. Amazon runs its operations over a Service Oriented Architecture SOA based decentralized information system that is both robust and scalable.By Rob Binns Senior Writer.

Tweet Amazon. But when it comes to sheer size, we might as well be. Amazon is an ecommerce goliath — a household name where you can buy almost anything you might want or need, and have it delivered the next day. Amazon is growing every year. Developing its CRM has helped Amazon retain customers and tailor its service around the individual.

So why do customers keep coming back? Re-ordering is a breeze, and you can track your purchase through every stage of the delivery process. When you buy something on Amazon for the first time, Amazon asks you to set up an account. This allows Amazon to tap back into what you like and sell to you on an ongoing basis. You can order with one click and have your item arrive the next day. The recommended products feature.

You can also check out what people viewing an item also bought, and explore related products with ease. The big one. You can deal with almost every issue you might have as an Amazon customer through your account. The returns process is all dealt with online too. CRM to the rescue again.

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Any Amazon staff you speak to will have your details at the ready, meaning quick and efficient resolution to all problems — and more satisfied customers. Amazon Prime Video has also become one of the biggest streaming services out there. Want more? Better yet, how can you find the CRM system that fits the unique needs of your company?

It only takes a minute, and it makes comparing quotes from top CRM suppliers as quick and easy as one-click ordering. Rob writes mainly about the payments industry, but also brings industry-specific knowledge of CRM software, social media monitoring, and invoice finance. When not exasperating his editor with bad puns, he can be found relaxing in a sunny corner, with a beer and a battered copy of Dostoevsky. The secret to CRM success.And it was a rollover.

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amazon crm case study pdf

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amazon crm case study pdf

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